IELTS Writing
IELTS Writing – Freedom to Select Profession – 工作

IELTS Writing – Freedom to Select Profession – 工作

IELTS Writing Task  2 – Academic


The debate exists on whether young people should have the freedom to select their own profession or if they should adopt a pragmatic approach, considering their future more seriously. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.  (工作 – Work/Job)

IELTS Writing – Freedom to Select Profession – 工作


Amid economic challenges, there’s a prevailing notion that young people should prioritize courses leading to lucrative jobs, while others staunchly advocate for the pursuit of personal interests and passion. In my view, it’s ideal to follow one’s interests, but economic considerations must also come into play.

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Many consider choosing the right courses at the tertiary level as the gateway to securing lucrative pay and a better life. However, the current economic climate has rendered college courses no longer the sole defining factor. This shift allows young professionals the opportunity to explore their interests, with jobs, despite their scarcity, no longer giving precedence to a diploma. Moreover, college serves not only as a means of finding a job but also as a gatekeeper of knowledge. Disciplines like art and history retain societal importance, being subjects that pass on crucial aspects to the next generation. Those interested in such subjects contribute not just for personal gain but on a societal level, preserving a country’s cultural history and other vital aspects.

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A pragmatic approach, such as advocating for the study of STEM-related fields, is often suggested for the next generation to accumulate wealth by working for big corporations. This viewpoint gains acceptance as jobs in these fields are in high demand, and these roles need to be filled in society. Consequently, young professionals should pursue majors in these fields in college to ensure a continuous supply for these trades, contributing to the nation’s prosperity. In Taiwan, the semiconductor industry stands out as one of the most prolific, leading students to focus on it as the country’s most lucrative sector, fostering societal growth.


In my opinion, a person can choose whatever their profession is, as job scarcity persists regardless of what they have finished in college. If there are no jobs, it is futile; hence, it is just better to pick something that they really like. Another concept is that the young generation needs to pick a course that allows them to enjoy learning but is still in demand for the next couple of decades, such as engineering or medicine.


In conclusion, those who are adamant about giving younger people the freedom to pick their course are driven by their personal satisfaction, while the other group focuses on their employability. However, it is better to find a balance between the two in order for them to enjoy the study journey and still have a higher chance of getting a job in the future.

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