IELTS Writing
IELTS Writing – Work and Life – 工作

IELTS Writing – Work and Life – 工作

IELTS Writing Task  2 – Academic


There are those who consider work to be the paramount aspect of life, suggesting that without career success, life loses its meaning. To what extent do you agree or disagree? (工作 – Work/Job)

IELTS Writing – Work and Life – 工作

It is often said that life is meaningless without pursuing a career. I fully agree with this notion, as a career provides an individual with a sense of purpose and direction in life, and enables them to pursue their passions and goals.

However, having a career is not easy, and people must strive to achieve their goals. As children, they build their academic foundation in order to gain admission to better colleges. Along the way, they meet different people who shape their lives. Upon finishing their studies, they must work hard to excel in their chosen field or career. Pursuing happiness requires hard work and perseverance, and a career is the driving force that motivates people to function. Without it, it is hard to describe life as fully lived.

A career also provides a role not just in our personal life but also in our community. People’s main existence is to serve others, and everyone has a role to play, whether as a family member or as a member of society. Our careers give us more clarity on what role we have in our society. From doctors and engineers to other professions, it gives everyone a specific role to play. In order for a community to function, these roles must be filled. Therefore, having a career gives us direction and provides a specific responsibility to help our society.

In conclusion, without a career, life loses its meaning. It is an essential part of being part of a community and the main drive for our existence. Everyone has a role to fill, and in order to motivate ourselves to move forward, we must obtain a particular career.

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