IELTS Writing
IELTS Writing – Reading Books Over Television – 教育

IELTS Writing – Reading Books Over Television – 教育

IELTS Writing Task  2 – Academic


It is believed that individuals who engage in reading books can cultivate greater imagination and linguistic abilities than those who prefer television. To what extent do you agree or disagree? (教育 – Education)

IELTS Writing – Reading Books Over Television – 教育

The assertion that individuals who engage in literacy activities can significantly enhance their cognitive abilities, including creativity and linguistic prowess, in comparison to those exposed to visual entertainment such as TV, finds my full agreement. Books, with their rich lexical resources, serve as effective tools to stimulate imagination and foster creative thinking.

TV engages its audience through vibrant displays crafted by the show’s director, encouraging viewers to imagine based on a specific perspective. However, this has limitations, as imagination becomes confined to the viewpoint of a particular individual. In contrast, reading a book offers readers a blank canvas, empowering them to paint with words and unleash their creativity, resulting in a more imaginative world.

Supporters of TV may argue that exposure to various visual entertainments broadens one’s vernacular. Nonetheless, this can be a drawback, as the content often revolves around informal settings, influencing people’s communication styles. Conversely, books, having undergone professional proofreading, present readers with refined literary works, utilizing an extensive lexicon and proper grammar syntax. This exposure enhances their written proficiency, enabling them to tackle more sophisticated writing compared to those exposed primarily to videos with limited vocabulary.

In conclusion, while TV can offer visual creativity and language improvement, it falls short when compared to the potency of books. Books empower readers to envision scenarios independently, and exposure to diverse materials acquaints them with advanced lexicon and grammar syntax, enhancing their linguistic skills.

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